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distinguished from that of the hinge of the same material by means of a closed hand with extended forefinger, which points to the hook.The place of the hinge is marked by the figure of a phallus, surrounded by a row formed of the Cypriote letter Two other inscriptions of the same language and characters are placed transversely on this valve: they are given in the woodcut. These inscriptions have been kindly interpreted by Professor Sayce and M. Piérides. They read:—



This word is apparently borrowed from the Phœnician The Cypriote letter which has been already referred to, corresponds with the Greek syllables and is repeated seven times on the shell.2

Infiltrated earth only was found inside this very remarkable casket.

Curiously enough, I found in the same tomb a ring formed of glass (fig. 91), which has on the inside surface of the bezel an inscription in the Cypriote language identical with that found on the hinged shell box. The device, which this glass ring bears in a concave depression, is a rosette or a cross of the shape called pattée by the heralds, in red glass upon a white field, over which a thin plate of plain glass is placed, and when the ring was complete and in use, the cross shone through this fiat plate of glass.

Gen. vi, 14, 15, 16, etc., "ark". Perhaps we should read, in accordance with Dr. Deecke's suggestion,

In a tomb near Famagusta I found no less than eight remarkable ring-shaped objects of shell, graduating in size fromthree-fourths of an inch to two inches and a quarter. They are of oval form, cusped at the upper end and pierced. The lowerend is finished off with a pointed spur-like projection. The lower margins of these objects have inscriptions, of which most of the characters are found in the Cypriote language,

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