Selected and rare materials, excerpts and observations from ancient, medieval and contemporary authors, travelers and researchers about Cyprus.
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Steatite. Pierced scarabǽoid. Rude and arbitrary combination Half-inch long. Steatite.
28 Pierced scarabasoid. Rude and arbitrary combination of crossing lines Half-inch long. Steatite.
29. Pierced conoidal scarabǽoid of early Cypriote design and workmanship. On the face, in a cartouche, a full-length figure holding a spear or staff. 5-8ths inch long. Steatite.
30. Pierced scarabǽus. The work in the Cypriote style, and of a good period. Two figures seated in a biga, or two-horsed chariot. The chariot was a favourite subject of the engraver in Cyprus. In the subsequent description of engraved gems, I shall mention two examples. 5-8ths.inch long. Dark steatite.
31. Pierced scarabǽoid. A winged bull statant. Curious and good work of the Cypriote style. Half-inch long. Jasper. (See Plate xv, fig. 64.)
32. This pierced scarabǽus is of con siderable interest. The work of the beetle is very fine, and is considered by Dr. Birch to be of the fourth century before Christ The work and design on the face—a lion devouring a boar, upon a hatched groundor estrade—is of very beautiful execution. The inscription is read by Professor Sayce to be:—

33. Fig. 153 is a scarabǽus of unfinished form, with the under surface engraved with a figure of Mercury, draped, and holding in his right hand his customary attribute, the caduceus. The style is Greek, and it appears to be of some merit as a work of art.
These objects, from their similar art, will conveniently follow the scarabǽi. The list of them is subjoined.

1. Rectangle for inlaying, with a few indistinct characters in the Phœnician or Cypriote language. 3-4ths inch long. Grey stone.
2. A rectangular bead, engraved with the Paphian goddess under her canopy, on one side, and the cone, under its canopy, on the other. Compare the cylinders described on pp. 120, 121. 5-8ths inch long.
3. Another, with the cone replaced by an uncertain object. 3-4ths inch long. Gray steatite.
4.Rectangular pierced head. On one side, a Circle of the Sun with radiations; on the other, an uncertain emblem of Cypriote design, perhaps the Paphian goddess under the canopy, as already described. 5-8ths by 3-4ths inch. Dark steatite.
5.Pierced bead, rectangular. A monogram on each side. 5-8ths by 3-8ths inch. Steatite. (See Plate xv, fig. 62.)
6.Rectangular pierced bead. Ornamental devices. 5-8ths and half-inch. Dark steatite. (See Plate xv, fig. 61.)
7. Rectangular pierced bead. On each face an uncertain device. Perhaps a lion. Compare No. 51, p. 127. 3-4ths by half-inch. Dark steatite.

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