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39. Oval intaglio. A figure of Ǽsculapius, full-length, to the right, holding a staff with a serpent coiled round it. In the field, the name of the owner or artist, KTHCIA. In the style of the first century A.D. 5-8ths inch long. Onyx. (See Plate xv, fig. 78.)
40. Oval intaglio. A man in profile to the left, draped, with a cloak hanging down behind from the shoulder, offering corn and fruit. Half-inch long, set in a plain and massy ancient gold finger-ring. This has been figured in another part of the work.1 Niccolo or onyx.
41. Oval for setting in a ring. Horseman with spear. Very early work. 5-8ths inch long. Jasper. (See Plate xv, fig. 63.)
42. Oval intaglio. The favourite subject of a quadriga, or chariot of four horses abreast at full speed, to the right, is here represented. In the field, the inscription INAC. Half-inch long. Jasper. (See Plate xv, fig. 74.)
43. Oval intaglio gem. A chariot drawn by one horse, who is pacing to the left, urged on by a charioteer with a short whip. Greek style and elegant design. 5-8ths inch long. Jasper. (See Plate xv, fig. 73.)
44. Oval intaglio. A bust to the right, not unlike the portraits of the young Augustus; or, perhaps, a youthful emperor. The cutting of this gem is of first-rate excellence. It may be referred to the first century of our era. Half-inch long. Sardonyx.
45. Oval, carved in relief. A bust, full face, of an empress, draped, the hair curled. 3-8ths inch long. Spinel ruby, or coloured paste.
46. Another oval, of a design precisely similar to the preceding number, and of the same size. Green paste. (See Plate xv, fig. 83.)
47. Oval. The Discobolus, resembling closely a gem ring, which has already formed the subject of some remarks in an

1 See fig. 48, p. 43.

earlier chapter.1 3-8ths inch long, set in a plain and massy-ancient gold finger-ring. Pale green paste.
48. Round piece for setting as a ring. On a line, an old man leaning upon a staff, turned to the right, and a dog looking up at a tree on the right hand. Over head is the inscription θEOΔΟPOC, the name either of the artist or the owner of the ring. Half-inch long. (See Plate xv, fig. 76.)
49. Oval. A 'male figure with a head-dress, to the left, apparently skipping, or holding a cord in the hands, which passes down to the heels. Half-inch long, set in gold, with rosettes at the sides, and attached to a plain circular gold wire ring. Green and white mosaic glass. (The ring is figured in Plate i, fig. 11.)
50. Oval intaglio. A soldier, helmeted, and wearing the usual dress, to the right, with spear and convex shield. Half-inch long. Calcined agate, cornelian
.51. Oval. A satyr, full-length, to the left, elevating the right leg, and holding a pedum, or shepherd's crook, and vase, with globular body and long thin neck. 3-8ths inch, set in a plain massy gold ring of very small calibre, for a youth. Cornelian.
52. Oval, for setting in a ring or seal. A head to the left, and an inscription, conjectured by Professor Sayce to read:—IAΩ MIX[AHL], a Gnostic inscription, recording the names of two potent personages in that faith. The reader may refer to the chapter on Glass for some observations on an amulet of Gnostic art.
53. Small circular piece for setting in a ring. A portrait head in profile to the left, bearded. The work is of the Roman period. 5-16ths inch long.
54. Oval intaglio gem. A Fides, or two hands, couped at the wrists, and clasped in saltire; above them three ears of corn

1 See fig. 49, p. 43.

these, a mask or head of Silenus in profile to the right, similar to the heads found forming parts of grylli already described. The hands clasped are the symbols of union, and the ears of corn represent increase; but the relation of the head of Silenus to this emblematic device is difficult to interpret. 5-8ths inch long. Jasper. (See Plate xv, fig. 66.)
55. Oval intaglio, perhaps Gnostic, carved on both sides. On the obverse, within an engrailed border, a kind of platform or estrade, on which is an altar, between two worshippers on one side, and a priest sacrificing an animal on the other. Very archaic and indistinct. On the reverse, an uncertain inscription in four lines, of a character which resembles Greek. Half-inch long. Cornelian
56. Oval. A bull and star, as described in the account of gold rings in a previous chapter.1 3-8ths inch long, set in a small but ancient gold ring, for a child. Red jasper.
57. Oval intaglio. A tree, with a goat on each side of it, leaping up and browsing on the foliage. 3-8ths inch long. Cornelian.
58. Oval intaglio. An eagle, close, regardant, holding in its beak a chaplet or crown. 3-8ths inch long, set in a plain and massy ancient gold finger-ring of somewhat small dimensions. Cornelian.
59. Oval intaglio. An eagle, close, regardant,

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