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Global Folio Book Search


Global Folio Search engine created using Google technology and indexes only and selectively internet - libraries having books with free public access as distinct from regular search engines which index ALL sites. It means that if site with a book you are looking for is new or does not have enough traffic, it may stand in search results of the regular engine under the number, for example 876 or 1385 or even further. Accordingly you will spend a considerable time until find texts that you need. This matter is particularly important for the people who have to professionally work with wide range of texts. Global Folio Book Search provides for such people the facility for targeted search only on sites, having texts on – line. Just type in the Search Box any combination or parts of author name, title or any other needed words in any language and in few seconds you will get direct access to relevant internet content. At the time being we have indexed 1003 libraries with approximately 11,300,000 pages.

You can also place our search box on your site and your visitors will be able to search books directly from your pages. Your visitors will appreciate that. That is how Search Box will look like on your site:

Just copy and paste this code wherever you want it to be on your page


If you want to add internet library to our search engine - use "Submit your library" form on the search page. You may submit your own library or any library you want. Number of published books does not matter. It can be even one book. If your library occupies only part of your site please submit exact path to it - for instance

But before you do it please make sure that it is not indexed. Type in the Search Box on the search page your site name - for example and press "Search Books".

Please keep in mind that we index only and selectively internet libraries having books with free public access. Any other sites including sites containing only links to other internet-libraries without their own texts will not be indexed.

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