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Venerable Bede The Ecclesiastical History Of The English Nation

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Venerable Bede
The Ecclesiastical History Of The English Nation
page 135

EADBALD, son of Ethelbert, and king of Kent, of his infidelity and incestuous life, his conversion and piety ; he builds a church to the Virgin, ii. 6 ; receives a testimony to his piety from Pope Boniface, ii. 8, 10, 11 ; marries his sister Ethelberga to Edwin, king of Northumberland, ii. 9 ; receives Paulinus and Ethelberga on their return from Northumberland, ii. 20 ; he died A.D. 640, Jan. 20, (Annales Juvavienses) ; leaves his kingdom to his son Earconbert, iii. 8. His second wife was Emma. EADBERT, abbot of Selsey, first bishop of the South Saxons, v. 18. EADBERT, a general of the Mercians, raises up Wulfherc against Oswy of Northumberland, iii. 24. EADBERT, bishop of Lindisfame after St. Cuthbert, i. e. from 688 to 698, iv. 29 ; he covers the church with lead, iii. 24, 25. EADBERT, son and heir of Wictred, king of Kent, v. 23. EADDA, one of the priests who baptized the South Saxons, iv. 13. EADFRID, son of King Edwin and Coenberga, baptized by Paulinus, ii, 14 ; slain by Penda, king of Mercia, ii. 19. EADGAR, third bishop of Lindisfame, iv. 12. EADGITH, a virgin in the monastery of Barking, iv. 8. EAFA, a general of the Mercians, assists in making Wulfhere king against Oswy, iii. 24. EANFLEDA, daughter of King Edwin, ii. 9 ; first of the Northumbrians that was baptized ; returns to Kent with her mother, ii. 20 ; becomes wife to King Oswy, iii. 15 ; requests King Oswy to give Ingethlingum to Trumhere for a monastery in memory of King Oswin ; buried at Streaneshalch, iii. 24 ; she observed Easter correctly, iii. 25 ; recommends Wilfrid, on his journey to Rome, to King Earconbert, v. 19. EANFRID, son of Ethelfrid, an exile among the Scots, is there converted ; succeeds Edwin as king of Bernicia ; abandons the true faith ; is slain, iii. 1. EANPRID, father of Ebba, iv. 13. EANHERE, brother of Eanfrid, iv. 13. EAPPA, one of the priests who baptized in Sussex, iv. 13 ; abbot of Selsey, iv. 14. EARCONGOTA, daughter of Earconbert, king of Kent, sent to the monastery of Brie ; miracles at her death, and at her tomb, iii. 8. (See Acta SS. Feb. iii. 387.) EARCONBERT, son of Eadbald, king of Kent, destroys the idols ; ordains the fast of Lent ; marries Sexberga, daughter of Anna, king of the East Angles, iii. 8 ; sends Biscop and Wilfrid to Rome, v. 19 ; dies, iv. 1. EARCONWALD, bishop of Essex or London, his piety, miracles, and monasteries, iv. 6. (See Acta Sanct. Ap. iii. 780.) Earconwald succeeded Ega as prefect of the palace, A.D. 640. (Aimo. Floriac. iv. 37, ap. Bouquet, Rer. Gall. Script, iii. 136.) EARPWALD, king of the East Angles, son of Redwald, embraces the faith ; is slain, ii. 15. EATA, one of the twelve bishops committed to Bishop Aidan, afterwards abbot of Melrose, then of Lindisfame, then bishop of Hexham, afterwards of Hexham and Lindisfarne together, and finally of Lindisfarne, from 664 to 678, iii. 26, iv. 12, 27, 28. EBBA, queen of Sussex, and wife of Ethelwalch, iv. 3. EBBA, abbess of Coldingham, and aunt of King Egfrid, iv. 25. EBORACUM, or YORK ; Severus died there, i. 5 ; made an episcopal see by Gregory, i. 29 ; by Pope Honorius made equal to Canterbury, ii. 17, 18 ; Edwin is baptized there, ii. 14 ; his head buried there, ii. 20. EBRIN, or EBROIN, succeeded Earconwald as mayor of the palace in France ; grants a pass to Theodore and his followers to go into Britain ; detains Hadrian in Gaul, iv. 1. Ecci, one of the bishops of East Anglia, substituted for Bisi, iv. 5. EDDI, see HEDDI. EDGILS, a priest who told Bede of the fire at Coldingham, iv. 25. EDHED, a priest of King Oswy, made bishop of Ripon; sent with Wilfrid to Kent, iii. 28 ; first bishop of Lindsey, iv. 12. EDRIC, son of Egbert, raises the South Saxons against Lothaire, king of Kent, wounds him in battle, and after his death reigns a year and a half, iv. 26. EDWIN, of Deiran origin, iii. 1 ; exiled at the court of Ceorl, king of Mercia, whose daughter, Coenberga, he married; but Ceorl ceasing to protect him, he fled to Redwald for protection from Ethelfrid, whom Redwald defeats, ii. 12 ; converted by a vision which happened during his exile, ii. 13; baptizes at York; is slain, ii. 14, 20; splendour of his reign, ii. 16; his head was buried at York, ii. 20 ; his body at Whitby, iii. 24. EGBERT, son of Earconbert, and king of Kent, sends Wighard to be consecrated archbishop of Canterbury, iii. 29 ; sends Redfrid to meet Theodore, iv. 1 ; his death, iv. 5. EGBEET, an English monk, converts the monks of Hii to the true observance of Easter, iii. 4, v. 22 ; his piety, sickness, vow, and recovery, iii. 27 ; his vision concerning the soul of Ceadda, iv. 3 ; advises Egfrid not to attack the Scots, iv. 26 ; wishes to go and preach among the Germans, but is prevented by a vision and sent to the monasteries of Columba, v. 9 ; dies on Easter Sunday, v. 22, 23. EGFRID, son of Oswy, a hostage in Mercia, iii. 24 ; succeeds his father, iv. 5 ; a comet is seen in his eighth year ; expels Wilfrid and appoints two bishops in his place ; defeats Wulf here and conquers the province of Lindisfarne, iv. 12; in his reign is held the synod of Hatfield, iv. 17; presides at the synod of Twyford, iv. 28 ; marries Etheldrida, iv. 19 ; fights with Ethelred, iv. 21 ; ravages Ireland ; invades the Picts, and is slain, iv. 26. EGRIC succeeds Sigebert as king of the East Angles ; slain in battle against Penda, iii. 18. ELAFIUS comes to meet Germanus, i. 21. ELEUTHERIUS, bishop of Rome, sends a priest to baptize Lucius, king of the Britons, i. 41. ELEUTHERIUS, grandson of Agilbert, and bishop of the West Saxons, iii, 7 ; is present at the council of Hertford, iv. 5 ; his death, iv. 12.

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