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Venerable Bede The Ecclesiastical History Of The English Nation

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Venerable Bede
The Ecclesiastical History Of The English Nation
page 143

TIBERIUS, CONSTANTINX, Emperor, ii. 1. TILABURG, now TLLBUBY, iii. 22. TILMON, one of the companions of the Hewalds, v. 11. TIOVULFINGACESTIR, near the Trent, ii. 16. TITILLUS, notary at the synod of Hertford, iv. 5. TOBIAS, bishop of Rochester after Gebmund, v. 8, 23. TOMIANCS, Scotch bishop, ii. 19. TONDBERT, first husband of Etheldrida, iv. 19. TONDHERE, a soldier of Oswin, iii. 14. TORCHGTTH, a nun of Barking, iv. 9. TRENT, river in Northumbria, ii. 16, iv. 21. TRINOVANTUM, a British city, submits to Cæsar, i. 2. TROYES, see of Bishop Lupus, i. 17. TRUMBERT, Bede's teacher, iv. 3. TBUMHEBE, bishop of Merda after Ceollach, iii. 21, 24. TRUMWINE, bishop of the Picts, iv. 12, 26, 28. TUDA, bishop of Lindisfarne after Colman, iii. 26, 27. TUNBERT, bishop of Hexham, iv. 12, 28. TUNNACESTIR, a monastery named from Tunna, iv. 22. TWYFORD, iv. 28. TYNE, river in Northumberland, v. 2, 21. TYTILUS, father of Redwald, ii. 15. ULTAN, brother of Fursey, iii. 19. UNDALUM, where Wilfrid died, v. 19. UTRECHT, TRAJECTUM, see of Wilbrord, v. 11. UTTA, a priest sent to Kent to fetch Eanfleda, iii. 15, 21. VALENS, Emperor, i. 9. VALENTINIAN, Emperor, i. 9, 21. VANDALS devastate Gaul, i. 11. VECTA, great grandfather of Hengist and Ilorsa, i. 15. VENTA, now WINCHESTER, Ui. 7. VERLAMACESTIR, i. 7. VESPASIAN, Emperor, i. 3. VIENNE, Constans slain there, i. 11. VIRGILIUS, bishop of Arles, i. 28. VITALIAN, Pope, iii. 29, iv. 1. VORTIGERN, i. 14. WADHERE, bishop of London after Earconwald, iv. II. WALSTOD, bishop beyond the Severn, v. 23. WANTSUM, stream dividing Thanet from Kent, i. 25. WETADUN, monastery of, v. 3. Wiccii, ii. 2. WICTGILS, father of Hengist and Horsa, i. 15. WICTRED, king of Kent, son of Egbert, iv. 26, v. 8, 23. WIGHARD, Archbishop, iii. 29. WIGHT, ISLE OF, formerly called Vectis, subdued by Vespasian, i. 3, iv. 16 ; given by Wulfhere to Ethelwalch, iv. 13 ; taken by Cadwalla, and part of it given to Wilfrid, iv. 16 ; under Bishop Daniels, v. 23. WILBRORD, bishop of Friesland, Ui. 29. WlLFARESDUN, iii. 14. WILFRID, a monk of Lindisfarne, goes to Rome ; returns, Ui. 13 ; receives the monastery of Ripon from Alfrid ; disputes with Colman, in. 25 ; of the rest of his acts, Ui. 28, iv. 2, 3, 5, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 19,23,29. WILFRID, bishop of York when Bede ended his History, v. 6, 23. WILFRID, bishop of the Wiccii when Bede ended his History, v. 23. WILTABURG, see of Wilbrord, v. 11. WINE, bishop of Wessex, afterwards of London, Ui. 7, 28. WINFRID, bishop of Merda and Lindisfarne, iv. 3, 5, 6. WINWED, river, Ui. 24. WIRE, river in Northurabria, iv. 18, 23, v. 21. WITTA, grandfather of Hengist and Horsa, i. 15. WODEN, i. 15. WUFFA, or UFFA, grandfather of Redwald, ii. 15. WOFFINGS, or UFFINGS, ii. 15. WULFHERE, king of Mercia, son of Penda, his history, iii. 7, 21, 24, 30, iv. 3, 12, 13. WUSCFREA, son of Edwin and Ethelberga, ii. 14, 20. YFFI, or IFFI, son of Osfrid, ii. 14, 20. YTHANCESTIR, or ITHANCESTIR, in East Anglia, iii. 22. POSTSCRIPT.

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