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BLOSS C.A. Heroines of the Crusades


Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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Heroines of the Crusades
page 345

nified familiarity with dependents. " I was hut acting the .queen, your majesty, and would be glad of more exalted subjects," said she, archly, in extenuation of her fault. "Royalty is but a pageant, and I shall doubtless exercise the prerogative of a sovereign, when it is proved that the wicked little Eva de la Mer is heiress of the gallant Strong-bow." " Thou, Queen of Ireland 1" exclaimed Eleanora. " Who has put this foolish conceit into thy young head ? Thou must beware, sweet one, of these odd fancies. Remember-est thou not the words of the confessor, that, the pomps and vanities of the world lead the soul astraj' ?" Tears filled the blue eyes of Eva, but instantly dashing them away with spirit, she exclaimed, " And why not I a queen ! 'Tis sure I would be a better sovereign than most. They should not say as they do of our liege, King Henry, that I robbed my subjects to make presents to my favor-ites." " Eva, Eva," gravely rejoined the princess, " the Scrip-ture saith we should not speak evil of dignities." But Eva was in the vein, and her volubility was not to be silenced. "I wouldnot be a queen," exclaimed she, "for then I should have npne to love me"or to tell me the truth." " None to love thee !" replied Eleanora. " Do not the people love her gracious majesty, my royal mother ?" " Thou shouldst hear what all men say of her," exclaim-ed the child, almost frightened at her own audacity. " And what do men say ?" inquired Eleanora, her curi-osity getting the better of her judgment. " They say," continued Eva, " that all the troubles in England are owing to the queen and her relations. That King Henry took the marriage portion of his sister Isabella to furnish the decorations for the coronation ; and thou knowest well, my lady, that she hath nine garlands for her hair, besides a great gold crown-most glorious with gems." " In sooth," returned the princess, " thou knowest more than I of the queen's wardrobe. But how learnedst thou these things ?" ELEANORA. 361

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