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THOMAS JOHNES, ESQ. Memoirs of the life of Sir John Froissart



Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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Memoirs of the life of Sir John Froissart
page 185

the daughter of the lord Charles of. Blois, 396.—Murdered by order of Charles of Na-varre, 397. Charter of Peace, between the king of England and the duke of Normandy, I. 559. • Gbateau-ceaux, the caftle of, taken by the lord Charles of Blois, I. 185. Chatel-bon, the vifcount de; claims the fucceffion of Foix, IV. 283*—His claim acknow-ledged by the king of France, 294.—Takes pofteffion of the county as his inheritance, 305.—Does homage to the king, of France, 371.. Cbatelberaut, the town of, taken by the French,. H. 37. - Cbatelmorant, fir John de, carries over from England truces for three years, figned by king Richard and his allies, IV. 87.—Sent to Turkey, to treat for the ranfom of the duke of Burgundy and the other officers taken at the battle of Nicopoli, 529. • Cbatillon, fir Hugh de, conquers Ponthku from the EngUfh, L 793^—Captured at Abbeville, II. 24.—Efcapes from England, 165- Ghaumont, the hermit, taken prifbpcr at Rbmorantin by the prince of Wales, I. 415. Gbauvignj, the lord of, taken prifoner by the prince of Wales, I. 418.—Quits the party of the prince of Wales for that of the king of France, 814. Cbauvigny,thc town of, in Poitou, taken by fir Bertrand du Guefclin, II. in. Cherbourg^ the town of, burnt and pillaged" by Edward1 the Third, L 301.—Befieged* by fir Bertrand du Guefclin, IL 187. Chimay, the town of, pillaged by the French, L 113. Civray, the town of, in Poitou, taken by fir Bertrand du Guefclin, IL 135. Civray, the battle of, II. 135. Clement the Sixth, pope, dies, at Avignon, I. 397. Clement the Seventh, pope, deâed during the life-time of Urban the Sixth, which caufes a fchifm in the church, II. 297.—Is acknowledged by the king of France, &c. 298.—Goes to Avignon, 305.—Prefents the duke of Anjou with the territories of the queen of Naples, which fbe had given up to his difpofal, 305.—Dies at Avignon, IV. 399. Clermont, the town of, in Beauvoifis, taken by the captai of Buch, I. 496. Clermont, the cardinal of, eleâed pope, under the name of Innocent the Sixth, I. 397. Clermont, lord John, flain at the battle of Poitiers, L 429. Cliffin, fir Walter de, flain at Breft, L 174. • Cliffin,. the lord of, captured at Vannes» I. 238.—Exchanged for lord Stafford, 243.*— Beheaded at Paris, 244. Cliffin, fir Oliver de, befieges the town of Becherel, IL 139.—Befieges La Roche fur Yon, 144.—Takes the town of Dinant, 344.—Appointed conftable of France, 398.—Befieges Breft, III. 195.P—His fleet difperfed by a ftorm on his voyage to Sluys, to join the arma-ment of the king of France, 336,—Obtains the liberation of John of Blois from land, 1ND.EX

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