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THOMAS JOHNES, ESQ. Memoirs of the life of Sir John Froissart



Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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Memoirs of the life of Sir John Froissart
page 190

Edward the Second, his charafter, I. 5.—An account of his family relations, ib.—In-fluenced in his government by fir Hugh Spencer, 7.—Shuts himfelf tip in Briftol againft the queen and her party, 18.—Taken prifoner by them, 20.—Confined in Berkeley Caftle, 21.—Publicly depofed, and fentenced by the people of England to be imprifoned during his life, 24. " Edward the Third crowned king of England, ' I. 23.—Receives a defiance from Robert Bruce, king of Scotland, g6.—Leads a large army to oppofe the invafion of the Scots, 33. —Returns, 44.—Marries the lady Philippa of Hainault, 46e—Enters into a truce with the Scots, 48.—Dcfes homage to the king of France for the duchy of Guienne, 60.— Raifesan army to invade Scotland, 66.—Takes Edinburgh and feveral other places, 67. —Returns to England; 70.—Takes meafures to make war on the king of France, 74.— Solicits the friendfhip* of the Flemings, 79.—Pafles over to Flanders, and makes great alliances in the empire, 85.—Appointed vicar-general of the empire of Germany, 89.-— Sends his defiance to the king of France, 91.—Befieges Cambray, 95.—Marches into France, 99.«—Returns to Hainault, 109^—Afiuraes the arms of France, 110.—Returns to England, 112.—Sails with a large armament for Flanders, 141:—Defeats the French at fea, and arrives at Ghent, 143.—Befieges Tournay, 146.—Returns to England in confequence of a truce being entered into, 170.—Receives the homage of lord John de Montford for the duchy of Brittany, 180.—Aflembles an army to oppofe an invafion of the Scots, 189.*—Is enamoured of the countefs of Salifbury, 198.—Sends a force to the affiftance of the lord John de Montford, 203.—Makes* great feafts out of afie&ion to the countefs of Salifbury, 225.—Sends reinforcements into Brittany, 227.—Heads a large army into Brittany, 235.—Befieges the town of Vannes, ik—Befieges and takes feveral other places, 236.—Enters into a truce with the French, and returns to England, 243.— Inftitutes the order of the garter, 245.—Founds the chapel of St. George at Windfor, ik Sends his defiance to the king of France, 247.—Appoints the earl of Derby to the command of an expedition into Gafcony, 2481—Heads a large army into Normany, 299. —Takes the town of Barfleur, and feveral others, 300, et fiq.—Marches towards Paris, deftroying the country on his way, 311.—Diftrefled to find a pafiage over the Somme, 315; —Is conduced to one by a peafant named Gobin Agace, 316.—Engages the French, under king Philip, at Crecy, and totally defeats them, 324, et fia.—Befieges the town of Calais, 332.—Solicit* the friendship of the Flemings, 351.-^-Obtains pofleffion of Calais, 365.—Orders fix refpeâable citizens, who,, for the fecurity of the other inhabitants, had generoufly volunteered to fubmit themfelves to his pleafure, to be put to death, 366.—I* difluaded from his* purpofc by the queen, 367.—Orders all the old inhabitants of the town to be expelled, 369.—Makes his public entry into Calais, ib.—Enters into a truce with the king of France, 370.—The expence of bis eftablifhment at Calais, 371, note.—Fights , ' incognito INDEX.

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