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THOMAS JOHNES, ESQ. Memoirs of the life of Sir John Froissart



Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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Memoirs of the life of Sir John Froissart
page 194

*N:D EX. . keeping the feaft otSt. Nicholas, 137.—Rapidly and in a fecret manner informed of the battle of Aljubarota, 188.—Grants permiffion to the French army to pafs through his ter-ritories, on the way to Caftille, 386.—Magnificently entertains the duke of Bourbon on his return towards France, 525.—Prevents the count d'Armagnac'from fucceeding in his attempt to purchafe the, forts occupied by the free companies, 533.—Marries his ward, the daughter of the count of Boulogne, to the duke of Berry, IV. 69.—Docs homage to the king of France at Touloufe for the county of Foix, 114.—His death, 271.—And funeral, 280« Ffix% Evan of, burnt to death at a maJked dance in Paris, IV. 375. Fêntenay k Comte, the caftle of, taken by fir Bertrand du Guefclin, II. 121. Fargaffe, «Laurence, an ambaflador from Portugal to England, relates to the duke of Lan-* cafter the events which had happened in 'Portugal after the. departure of the earl of Cam-bridge, III. 238. St. Fofget, the caftle of, taken by fir Walter de PaQàc, III. 196. Forfatb, ir| Gafcony, taken by the carl of Derby, • L 256. Fouage, the nature of the tax fo called, L 752, note. France* the kingdom of, fuflers by famine, I. 494. Friejland, invaded by the count of Hainault, IV. 500. Froiffart, fir John, memoirs of his life, MEM. 1.—Undertakes, at the entreaty of fir Robert Namur, to write the hiftory of his own times, 2.—Prefents part of his work to queen Philippa of England, 2.—His early attachment to romance, 3.—Appointed clerk of the chamber to queen Philippa, 5.—His mode of obtaining materials for his work, 6.—His journey into Scotland, 7.—Lofes. his patronefs queen Philippa, 8.—His diffipation at Leftincs, 9.—His papers seized by order of the duke of Anjou, ib.—Vifits the count dç Foix, III. 72.—His obituary, 21.—Eflày on his works, 23.—Plarrof his hiftory, 24..—The time he employed in writing it, 28.—The pains he took in compofing it, 32.—Remarks on .his chronology, 35.—Critictfm on his hiftory, 39.—The charge of partiality made againft him examined and refuted, ib. et sea.—Cautions to he obferved in reading his hiftory, 47, His faults and beauties, 4S, 49.—His charaâer, by Montagne, .50.—Editions of his chronicles, 50.—Differtation on his poetry, 63.—His paradife of love, 64.—His horologe amoureufe, 66—His le dit de la marguerite* 67-—His pâftorals, 68.—His rondeaus, 68.—Specimens of his poetry, 73 to 78—His preface to his chronicles, I. His reafons for voting the count de Foix, 1IL 7a.—Sets out for Beam, in company with fir Efpaign du Lyon, who informs him of many particulars relative to the wars in Guienne, 86*—Arrives at Orjthct, . 124.—Becomes acquainted with the Baftot de Mauleon, III. 137.—His defcription of the manners of the Engiifh and Gafcons in his time, 208.—-Travels to Middleburgh, in Zealand, . 231.—Receives information relative to the affairs of Portugal, 233.—Is informed of the par-, tkulan of the arreft of fir Oliver de Cliflbn by the duke of Brittany, 452.—Returns to France from Beam, in company with the countefs de Boulogne, IV. 72.—Goes to Holland, 73.— Returns to Paris to witnefs Queen Ifàbella's public entrance into that city; Vifits Eng. % c 2 land i

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