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THOMAS JOHNES, ESQ. Memoirs of the life of Sir John Froissart



Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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Memoirs of the life of Sir John Froissart
page 195

land in the reign of Richard the Second, 408*—Prefents hit book Of love poems to the king, 436* G. Gabelle, the, a tax upon fait, impofed through France, L 405. Galande, the caftlè of, in Brittany, taken by fir Bertrand da Guefcltn; II. 148. G'aribz, Gomez, beheaded by order of dor Pedro, I. 743. Gars, the abbe de, beheaded at Amiens, I. 493. Ga/cons oppofe the attempt of the prince of Wales to impofe a hearth tax- on the country, I. 757, 771.—Their manners in the time of Froifikrti IFI. 208. Geneva, the cardinal of, elèâ'ed pope during the life-time of* Urban the Sixth, II. 298-Genoa, its ftate and condition in the time of-Froiflart; HI. .2X1. Genoefe raife a large army to invade Barbary, IV. 167.*—Beficge the town of Africa, 206.— Break up their expedition, 239« Gente, fir Guirebert, a citizen of Ghent, killed for having endeavoured to make peace be* twecn the town and the earl of Flanders, II. 501. Genville, the earl of, captured at the battle of Poitiers, I. 435« St. George, the chapel of, at Windfor, founded by Edward the Third, I. 245. Germany, the emperor of, attends a great aficmbly at Rheims, with the king of France, to confult upon means to reftore the union of the church, IV. 590.—Depofed, 691. Ghent, the town of, befiegedby the earl'of Flanders, II* 293, 493. Ghent,, the men of, put to death Jacob von- Artaveld, I. 283.—Revive the cuftom of the . Whitehoods, and ele& John Lyon their captain, II. 313.—Apply to the carl* of Flanders to preferve their franchtfes, 315;—Murder the bailiff of Ghent, 320^—Endeavour ta make their peace with the earl, 323.—Enter into alliance with other towns of Flanders, 319.— Choofe new leaders, after the death of John Lyon, 330.—Enter kita-alKance with the town ofYpres, 331.—Befiege Oudenarde, 332.—March to attack the earlxrf Flanders, in Dendre- * monde, 334.—Make peace with the earl, 344.—Take the town of Oudenarde, 350.—Sur- * render it to the earl's forces, 352.—Deftroy the houfes of the nobility, 355.—Pût to death John Roule, one of their commanders, 433.—Take feveral towns in Flanders, 437.—-De-feated with great daughter at Nevile, where feveral hundred of them are burnt in a - church, 441.—Befiege Courtray, 445;—Greatly diftrefied fbr-proviûons, but relieved by the men of Liege, 538.—Defeat the earl of Flanders at Bruges, 555.—Take the town of Bruges and feveral others, 558, et Jif,—Befiege Oudenarde, 569.—Endeavour to form an alliance with . England, 581.—Defeated at the pafs of Commines, under Peter du Bois, 616%—Defeated under Philip von Artaveld, at the battle of Rofebecque, 637.—Endeavour ta make peace, 652.—Take the town of Ardembourg, 660.—Affift the Englifh at the fiege of Yprcs, 680.—Defeat' a party of the French at Ardembourg, 743.—Take Damme, III. 21*—Make peace with the duke of Burgundy, the heir of Flanders, III. 54. Gioucefter, tbe duke of, [for the preceding particulars of this prince fee Buckingham, the carl 1 "N D E X.

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