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WILLIAM STUBBS Seventeen lectures on the study of medieval and modern history and kindred subjects


Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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Seventeen lectures on the study of medieval and modern history and kindred subjects
page 217

relating the capture of Acre, places the knights of S. Thomas at the head of the 5000 soldiers whom the King of England had sent to Palestine1, and Herman Corner, who however Wrote a century later, mentions them amongst the defenders of Acre. We know from their cartulary that they had lands in Yorkshire, Middlesex, Surrey, and Ireland*; their Master was called Master of the whole Order of the Knighthood of S. Thomas the Martyr, in the kingdom of Cyprus, Apulia, Sicily, Calabria, Brundusium, England, Flanders, Brabant, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Cornwall. Some few noble names of the masters have been preserved ; Ralph of Coumbe was master in or about 1278s, Henry de Bedford Matthsei, Vet. Mvi Analecta, x. 182 ; Eccard, Scriptores, i. 942. a At Wapping, Plumstead, Coulsdon, and Doncaster. The estate at Wapping was the gift of Tieni of Alegate ; MS. Cott. fo. 156. Coulsdon was confirmed to the master of the knights by a charter of Henry III, in 1261 ; fo. 236: the Hospital of S. James, at Doncaster, was given by Peter de Mauley: 'Deo et militise beati Thomse martyris de Aeon ; ' fo. 258 : the benefactors in Ireland are enumerated by Edward I in a grant of confirmation, 5th June, A". 17 ; Fulk de Villars, John de la Zouche, Edmund Bret, Gilbert Marshall, Walter Marshall, and Philip Horsey. James Butler, Earl of Ormond, was another at a later date. * Frater Radulfus preceptor fratrum Sancti Thomae de Aeon in Anglia; A.D. 1249. William of Huntingfield 'magister militise hospitalis B. Thomse Martyris de Aeon Londini ; ' MS. Cotton, fo. 166. Richard of Southampton was master of the Hospital, 11 Edw, II ; Thomas de Sallowe, ' magister domus,' 40 Edw. III. Aug. 7, 1323, Henry de Bedford, master general of the order, creates John de Paris prior and custos of the Chapel of S. Nicholas of Nicosia ; sealing with his seal for Cyprus. June 17, 1324, William de Glastingebury, preceptor of the house of S. Thomas of Acre, in the diocese of Nicosia, with consent of the chapter of the house, to wit, Nicolas Clifton, John of Paris, and William of S. Bartholomew, appoints Nicolas Clifton proctor against a brother Henry, who calls himself master ; ' actum Nicosise in capella Sancti Nicolai presentibus Henrico et Thoma presbyteris Anglicis et prsedicto Johanne priore dictse capellae.' Aug. 30, 1344, Robert Kendale, master of the whole order, appoints Henry of Colchester and William of Brunill to collect money for the Ρ 2

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