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Antique Freemasons History Occult Kabala Templars

Knights Templar And Their Myth
This study of the rise and fall of the Knights Templar examines the fabrications and illusions about the Order from the Renaissance magicians ...
P. Partner

Sacred Sites Of The Knights Templar: Ancient Astronomy Secrets Of The Freemasons Revealed
All across Europe massive stone monuments erected by a prehistoric culture can be found This book examines these sacred megalithic sites such ...
John K. Young

Sword And The Grail: The Story Of The Grail, The Templars & The True Discovery Of America
The discovery of a tomb built by his ancestors set the author on the trail of a mystery that was to lead to a major re-assessment of history ...
Andrew Sinclair

Templar Gold: Discovering The Ark Of The Covenant
This book investigates a secret in the south of France as the author searches for the Arc of the Covenant As the investigation developed it ...
Patrick Byrne

Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians Of The True Identity Of Christ
Picknett, Lynn & Prince, Clive

Templar Treasure At Gisors
When King Philip of France ordered the arrest of the powerful Knights Templar and the confiscation of their property in not a penny of their ...
Jean Markale

Templars And The Grail: Knights Of The Quest
The powerful Knights Templar famed monastic warriors of the Crusades have long been shrouded in mystery Believed to conduct mystical rites guard ...
Read About It
Karen Ralls

Templars: Knights Of God
The Order of the Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon the Templars were the most formidable and feared fighting machine in Christendom Here ...
Edward Burman

Temple & The Lodge
Riveting Publishers Weekly Compelling A sane and informed history of Freemasonry by the authors of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail it is written ...
Michael Baigent

Sean Martin

Malcolm Lambert

Dungeon, Fire And Sword: The Knights Templar In The Crusades
John J. Robinson

God's Heretics: The Albigensian Crusade
Aubrey Burl

Guardians Of The Holy Grail: The Knights Templar, John The Baptist & The Water Of Life
Mark Amaru Pinkham

Highlights Of Templar History: Includes The Knights Templar Constitution & Abbreviated By-Laws
William Moseley Brown

Knights Of The Cloister: Templars & Hospitallers In Central Southern Occitania 1100-1300
Dominic Selwood

Knights Templar
Helen Nicholson

Knights Templar In The New World: How Henry Sinclair Brought The Grail To Acadia
William F. Mann

Knights Templar: The History & Myths Of The Legendary Military Order
Sean Martin

Knights Templars: God's Warriors, The Devil's Bankers
Frank Sanello

Last Templar: The Tragedy Of Jacques De Molay, Last Grand Master Of The Temple Alain Demurger

Lost Colony Of The Templars: Verrazano's Secret Mission To America
Steven Sora

Lost Treasure Of The Knights Templar: Solving The Oak Island Mystery
Steven Sora

Magi: Uncovering The Secret Society That Read The Birth Of Jesus In The Stars
Adrian Gilbert

Montsegur And The Mystery Of The Cathars
Jean Markale

Mysteries Of Templar Treasure And The Holy Grail: The Secrets Of Rennes Le Chateau Fanthorpe, Lionel & Patricia

Nostradamus And The Lost Templar Legacy
Rudy Cambier

Pirates And The Lost Templar Fleet: Secret Naval War Between The Templars & The Vatican
David H. Childress

Rosslyn: Guardian Of The Secrets Of The Holy Grail
Tim et al. Wallace-Murphy

Rule Of The Templars: The French Text Of The Rule Of The Order Of The Knights Templar
J.M. Upton-Ward

Sacred Sites Of The Knights Templar: The Ancient Secrets Hidden In Stonehenge...
John K. Young

Secret History Of Freemasonry: Its Origins & Connection To The Knights Templar
Paul Naudon

Stone Puzzle Of Rosslyn Chapel: The Truth Behind Its Templar & Masonic Secrets
Philip Coppens

Talisman: The Sacred Cities & The Secret Faith
Hancock, Graham & Bauval, R.

Templar Orders In Freemasonry
A.E. Waite

Templars And The Ark Of The Covenant: The Discovery Of The Treasure Of Solomon
Graham Phillips

Templars And The Assassins: The Militia Of Heaven
James Wasserman

Templars In America: From The Crusades To The New World
Tim et al. Wallace-Murphy

Templars' Legacy In Montreal: The New Jerusalem
Francine Bernier

Templars: Dramatic History Of The Knights Templar, The Most Powerful Order Of The Crusades
Piers Paul Read

Temple Legend
Rudolf Steiner

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