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People Engines Let You Check Personal Information and Reconnect with Friends from the Past

A trend in websites these days is the people search engine, which allows you to find personal information about individuals or track down friends and acquaintances you may have lost touch with over the years. These kinds of search engines that are designed to find people can come in handy for a variety of uses. Not only do they help you research people who were once in your life, but they also give you a chance to perform background checks on those you don't know so well, such as potential employees.

People search engines are quite easy to use. If you know only a first and last name, the site will generate several details about the person on just that little bit of information. The information is pulled from millions of public records of various sources. With a simple find people in the usa, you can see the person's full name, a list of places throughout the country where they have lived, as well as their possible relatives. Usually this basic information is available for free on the search engine. If you would also like to know the person's phone number, address and birthday, that information can be accessed for a membership fee or cost of an individual report. The prices vary depending on how much information you would like to be revealed.

For about $2 you can generate a report on one person that provides their full name, phone number, birthday, relatives, and an extensive address history. Those who search for people online on a regular basis and only require the basic information may want to consider a monthly membership, which usually offers unlimited searches for about $25. The most expensive and detailed report is usually a background report, which can cost about $50. For this price, it's possible to see the criminal history, including sex offender status, of a person, as well as any bankruptcies, marriages and divorces. An interesting feature of people search engines is what's called a "reverse" lookup, which allows you find the person's name associated with a phone number or address. Let's say, for example, that you are being contacted repeatedly via telephone by someone you cannot identify.

With a reverse lookup, you can trace the phone number back to the person whose name is on the account as well as the location. One of the most common reasons why people use people search engines is to reconnect with someone from their past. Examples include old classmates, long lost friends, ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, or former employers. A people search engine is particularly useful for those who are planning high school or college reunions and need to get in touch with large numbers of people.

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