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THOMAS JOHNES, ESQ. Memoirs of the life of Sir John Froissart



Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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Memoirs of the life of Sir John Froissart
page 191

i88 1 N D-E X. incêpdto near Calais, under the banner of Cr Walter Manny, 379.—Takes fir Euftace de Ribeaumont prifoner, 379.—Prefents him with a chaplet of pearls in honour of his proweft, 381.—Defeats the Spaniards at fea, 389.—Lead* a large army into France during the imprifonment of king John in England, 538.—Befieges Rheims, 538.—Takes the town of Tonnerre, 548.—Enters into a composition with the duke of Burgundy to fpare his duchy, 550.—Proceeds towards Paris, deploying the country in his march, 551.— Enters into a treaty of peace with the king of France, 558.—Entertains him at Calais, 571.—Returns to England, 573.—Declines embarking in the Croifades, 605*—Receives a defiance from thç king of France, 791.—Sends reinforcements into Ponthieu, &c. 793. Sends to Brabant and Hainault for aifillance, 806.—Enters into alliance with the king of Navarre, 810.—Sends the duke of Lancafter with a large body of men to Calais, 831.— Applies to fir Robert de Namur for his affillaftce, 831.—Raifes a large force to make war on the king of France, II. 45.—Enters into a truce with the Scots, 52.—Makes peace with the Flemings, 89.—Prepares an Vmy to invade France, 98.—Sails for Southampton, but is obliged to return by contrary winds, 129«—Enters into a~ truce with the French, 169.—Dies at Shene, 179. Edward, the Black Prince of Wales, his valour at the battle of Crecy, I. 327.«—Heads an army into Gafcony, 403.—Invades the county of Berry, 410.—Takes the town of Romorantin, 413.—Defeats and captures John king of France at the battle of Poitieis, 434.—Embarks for England with his prifoner, 459.—Arrives in London, Ac-companies the king of England in an expedition againft France, 531.—Sets out for Aquitaine, 592.—Makes preparations to alltl Don Pedro, king of Caftille, 690.— Promifes the king of Majorca to affift him againft the king of Arragon, 703.—Offends the lord d'Albret, 705.—Sets out on his expedition into Spain, 711.—Takes the town of Salvatierra, 718.—Defeats the army of Don Henry de Traftamare, king of Caftille, at the battle of Navarera, 739.—Takes the town of Najara, 739.—Sets out on his return to Aquitaine, dtfpleafed with the condoâ of Don Pedro, 750.—Arrives with his army at Bourdeaux, 7 51.—Endeavours to impofe the fouage, or a hearth tax, in Aquitaine, 756. —Excites the difcontent and oppofition of many of the lords of Gafcony, JÂ.*~Sum-moned to appear before the parliament of Paris to anfwer their complaints, 778.—His refolute anfwer to the fummons, 780.—Prepares to make war on France, 786.—Recalls fir John Chandos from his retirement, and appoints him to the command of a force againft the French and Gafcon lords, 788.—Receives fuccours from England under the earls of Cambridge and Pembroke, 797.—Prepares to oppofe the dukes of Anjou and Berry, II. 59. Takes the town of Limoges by ftorm, 67.—On the death of his eldcft fon Edward gives up the duchy of Aquitaine to the care of his brother the duke of Lancafter, and returns to England, 77.—His death, 176.—Vifits the cotant d'Armagnac at Tarbes, ' * III. 82.

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