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Giovanni Mariti

But to two writers we can appeal as authorities, both residents, intelligent men, and directly interested in knowing the true condition of the island. The first, the Abbe Giovanni Mariti, was for some years an official of the Imperial and Tuscan Consulates, and published at Lucca in 1769 his Viaggi per l' isola di Cipro. He arrived in Cyprus from Leghorn February 2, 1760, and left it on his return to Florence, October 6, 1767. His work owes little to previous writers on Cyprus: he had read Bordone, Lusignan and probably Meursius, but he relies almost entirely on his own notes of what he had seen and heard. And herein lies its value, for he is observant and conscientious. The book stands as the best account of the condition of Cyprus in the third quarter of the last century, and as such I leave it, hardly attempting by additions or corrections to bring it up to date. I have left most names of places in his own spelling, indicating in the index, which is new, their present equivalents. Turkish words appear as modern Oriental scholars would have them transcribed.
Larnaca, December 12, 1895.

From book: GIOVANNI MARITI. Travels in the Island of Cyprus
Translated from the Italian by Claude Delaval Cobham, C.M.G., Cambridge: at the University Press, 1909


GIOVANNI MARITI. Travels in the Island of Cyprus.


GIOVANNI MARITI. Travels in the Island of Cyprus. Translated from the Italian by Claude Delaval Cobham, C.M.G., Cambridge: at the University Press, 1909

Chapter I. A general view of the Island and Kingdom of Cyprus

Chapter II. Concerning the Port and Town of the Salines

Chapter III. Of the Ancient City of Citium, now destroyed

Chapter IV. Of the City of Larnaca

Chapter V. Excursion from the City of Larnaca to that of Nicosia

Chapter VI. Concerning the City of Nicosia, Capital of the Island and Kingdom of Cyprus

Chapter VII. Excursion from the City of Nicosia to the Town and Fortress of Cerines

Chapter VIII. The Town and Fortress of Cerines

Chapter IX. Departure from Cerines, and description of the Convent of Lapasis

Chapter X. Excursion from Lapasis to the Convent of St. Chrysostom

Chapter XI. Departure from St. Chrysostom: arrival at Citerea: description of the Village. departure thence for Famagusta

Chapter XII. The city of Famagusta and its neighbourhood

Chapter XIII. Of the ancient city of Salamina now destroyed and its neighbourhood

Chapter XIV. Departure from the neighbourhood of Salamina, and return to Larnaca

Chapter XV. Excursion from Larnaca to the Salines, the village of Citti and its neighbourhood

Chapter XVI. Journey from the village of Citti to the city of Limasol

Chapter XVII. Journey from Limasol to Paphos

Chapter XVIII. Journey from Pafo to Lapito

Chapter XIX.Of some villages and hamlets and other inland places in Cyprus

Chapter XX. Of an insurrection which occurred a short while since in the island of Cyprus

Chapter XXI. On the commerce of the island of Cyprus

Chapter XXII. Of the consuls of European sovereigns, and of their functions in the island of Cyprus, and in other ports of Syria

Chapter XXIII. Of the various officers of the consulates and their functions

Chapter XXIV. The duties of protected subjects in the Levant: and those of masters of vessels on arriving at a port

Chapter XXV. Account of the plague of a.d. 1760 in the island of Cyprus

Chapter XXVI. Sundry notes on Cyprus (Viaggio, 1787. T. II. Cap. IX.)

Chapter XXVII. Notes on the turkish mosque in Cyprus called Tekye

Chapter XXVIII. On the asp of Cyprus

Chapter XXIX. Of the site of Citium (Dissertazione istorico-critica sull’ antica Citta di Citmm, Livorno, 1787)

The sieges of Nicosia and Famagusta by Gio. Pietro Contarini and count nestor Martinengo 1572
- The siege of Nicosia.

- Report made by sign. count Nestor Martinengo of all that befell at Famagusta to the most serene prince of Venice

- Christian Captains killed at Famagusta

Names of Captains enslaved

Turkish Captains in Famagusta


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