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Cathedral of St. Sophia - The Latin Cathedral of St. Sophia in the occupied part of the walled city of Lefkosia is the largest and oldest surviving gothic church in Cyprus (interior dimensions: 66 X 21 m) possibly constructed on the site of an earlier Byzantine church. The building belongs to the pure Gothic style of the beginning of the 12th century. Due to the building’s large scale, lack of money and various historical events it took 150 years for the cathedral to be built and still, it was never entirely completed since the southwest tower and the portico’s upper floor were never constructed.

Famagusta Gate - The Venetian walls which completely encircle the old city have a circumference of 4.5 km and possess eleven heart-shaped bastions. There were only three entries to the city through gates, in the north, south and east. One of these gates, the Porta Giuliana, called the Famagusta Gate has been restored and is now the Nicosia Municipal Cultural Centre.

Church of St. Catherine (Haydar Pasha Mosque) - The church of St. Catherine in the occupied part of walled Lefkosia is situated very close by to the St. Sofia Cathedral and it is one of Lefkosia’s most important gothic monuments. It was built in the 14th century and it follows the southern France architectural style. With the island’s occupation by the Ottomans in 1570 this church, along with many other gothic churches, was turned into a mosque and named Haydar Pasha Mosque.

Kykkos monastery (Ιερά Μονή Κύκκου)- The Holy Monastery of the Virgin of Kykkos was founded around the end of the 11th century by the Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos (1081 - 1118).


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