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been exposed to attrition. 1 inch long. Haematite.
69. Uncertain device, apparently men and birds. Coarse archaic work, much worn. 3-4ths inch long. Steatite.
70. Much work and illegible. 7-8ths inch long. Jasper
71. The subject very indistinct. 1 inch long. Jasper.
72. Uncertain figures and emblems, perhaps a rude form of a face. But see No. 29. 1 inch long. Steatite. (See Plate xv, fig. 51.)
73. Unknown and badly-engraved marks and symbols not of any value, beyond shewing the common uses of these cylinders. 3-4ths inch long. Steatite.



HESE objects are but little, if at all, later in point of date than the cylinders. In the collection which I gathered from the tombs of Salamis, among others, are:1. A spheroidal cone, pierced and ornamented with a series of circular facets (fig. 141, a). The subject (b) engraved on it is a bird, apparently an eagle. Rude work of an early period is shewn in this ancient signet.
2. Rectangular-faced pyramid-shaped cone or seal, pierced, bearing a bird with expanded wings between a crescent and a star. 5-8ths by half-inch. Steatite. (See Plate xv, fig. 52.)
3. The Paphian goddess under the canopy of the temple, but without her doves (fig. 142), is engraved upon another of these matrices. This was, naturally, as favourite a device for a seal amongthe votaries of Venus, as the fleur-de-lis, the emblem of the B. V. Mary, was in the middle ages in Christian countries. This is a beautifully transparent deep red stone. 1 inch long.
4. A fine cone or seal, not pierced, bearing on the face, which is very convex, according to ProfessorSayce, the rude imitation of an Assyrian gem, representing a priest standing in front of an altar, with the crescent moon above. [S.] 1 inch high. Calcined agate. (See Plate xv, fig. 53.)
5. A pyramidal or bell-shaped cone or seal, with a ring pierced for suspension. On the face (fig. 143 e) are a gazelle and tree. This is repeated on the two sides (b, d). The first side (a) has a seated figure holding a tree or branch; the third (c) a full-length figure holding a tree. Drawn full size. 1 inch high. Steatite. 6. Another fine cone (fig. 144a)in the collection is of the style called Phœnico-Assyrian. A warrior in the Assyrian style is shewn shooting with the bow; before him an enemykneels imploring mercy, with a palm-tree between the two figures. [S.] The face (b) is 7-8ths inch in diameter; the cone, 3-4ths inch high.
7. A pierced cone of excellent finish, on which a man is represented holding an animalby the head, and aiming at it with his spear. [S.] Half-inch long; half-inch high.Hœmatite. (See Plate xv, fig. 54.)
8. A solid seal or cone, in form of a cylinder, but engraved on one of the circular faces only, with a rudely-cut figure of an animal. 3-4ths inch long. Light grey steatite, highly polished. (See Plate xv, fig. 55.)
9. Small oval, seal-cone or seal: a gazelle couchant




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